Gary Hanak
'Berta Mueller
Gary and 'Berta have known each other for about 30 years,
and it only recently occurred to them
that they might be able to stand making music together.
Go figure.
Gary has been playing music since he was five. He started on the accordion, and switched to guitar somewhere around the high school/college transition when he figured out that the accordion was not exactly a babe magnet. He added piano, then bass, and has in the past gone so far as to direct a barbershop chorus and a church choir (he gave up the former involuntarily for lack of time, and the other voluntarily, for Lent).

Gary is a Master Filker. He writes and performs science fiction folk songs, both serious and silly, with full orchestration and four-part harmony. (Indeed, this should give you an idea of what you'll be in for with Not Wired Right.) Gary composes original songs as well as parodies, and has two CDs available at CD Baby.

When not doing music, he works as an engineer/scientist at Boeing. His background includes a BS in electrical engineering and an MS in computer science.

'Berta is originally from the Kansas City area and performed with the bands "Amberwood," "Arion" and "Touchstone" during the 70s and 80s. She moved to St. Louis in 1985 to obtain a Masters in Communications and to pursue a nonmusical career (much to her dismay.) Hoping to eventually return to the "best job in the world" of being a musician, she kept her hand in, singing for the occasional wedding or corporate gig, composing witty parody songs for friends and coworkers and performing the National Anthem for the Blues, Billikens, River City Rascals, River Otters and other local sports teams.

'Berta finally escaped from the corporate world in late 2009 and has once again been happily making her living as a musician since that time: She also performs in the trio MUSYC with her friends Linda and Baker. Additionally, you'll see her around town singing in independent- and assisted living residences as TallBerta, performing familiar songs with her original parody lyrics added to amuse and befuddle her audiences.

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